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Pennan Chinnasamy

Assistant Professor, Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA), IIT Bombay


Prof. Chinnaswamy has experiences teaching undergrads at Wesleyan University (CT, USA) during his Master’s program and at the University of Missouri (MO, USA) during his PhD. He was handling field, lab and theoretical courses during his tenure as a teaching assistant. His students have ranked him high in the annual teaching evaluations in all institutions. After getting research and teaching experiences in USA, he moved to Asia to contribute to important large scale research projects with the World Bank, ADB and ACIAR funds. He has led projects funded by World Bank, ACIAR, ADB and local government funds in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. In particular he has 8 years of field experience in field hydrology and modeling, and hence can adapt a model to suit the micro climatic variations that occur at site scale. Over the past years, he has had fruitful collaborations with many professors, scientists and water policy makers, and he is confident that he can bring his experiences in high quality research, teaching and diversity to any reputable organisation. He always felt that he was part of the academia, as he continued to teach modelling practices for water managers through workshops in India, Nepal and Singapore. He is currently an Assistant Professor with Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay. He is associated with the Center for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA) Department, which focuses on enhancing sustainability in water, energy and food for rural regions. It is a highly applied field, wherein the research and teaching directly impact the most vulnerable bottom 80% of the population. He specializes on groundwater issues in India, where groundwater extraction is the highest in the world.

Research Areas

  • Surface Water and Groundwater Modeling
  • Water Accounting and Budgeting
  • Remote Sensing
  • Climate Change Impact on Water Resources.
  • Academic Background

    University of Missouri – 2012 – Measuring and modeling water and nutrient flux between a mid-Missouri stream and forested riparian zone in the central US.

    Positions Held

  • Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, 2018-till date
  • Senior Researcher, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2017-2018
  • Researcher – Geohydrology and Remote Sensing, International Water Management Institute, 2014-2016
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment, Bangalore, India, Jan 2013-Jan 2014
  • Teaching and Research Assistant, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, 2009-2012
  • Research and Teaching Assistant, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
  • Publications

    Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Chinnasamy, P., Depleting groundwater–an opportunity for flood storage? A case study from part of the Ganges River basin, India. Hydrology Research (2016): nh2016261. (IF:1.779)
  • Chinnasamy, P., and G. Agoramoorthy. (2016), India’s Groundwater Storage Trends Influenced by Tube Well Intensification. Groundwater. (IF: 2.307)
  • Shah, T., Mishra, G., Kela, P., & Chinnasamy, P. (2016). Har Khet Ko Pani? (Water to Every Farm?) Emulate Madhya Pradesh’s Irrigation Reform. IWMI Tata Water Policy Program, 1–8.
  • Shah, T., Mishra, G., Kela, P., & Chinnasamy, P. (2016). Madhya Pradesh’s Irrigation Reform as a Model. Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 51(Issue No. 6).
  • Chinnasamy, P., and G. Agoramoorthy. (2015), Groundwater storage and depletion trends in Tamil Nadu State, India. Water Resources Management. (Impact Factor: 2.6)
  • Chinnasamy, P., B. Maheshwari and S.A.Prathapar. (2015) Evaluating the Effectiveness of Managed Aquifer Recharge Structures to Improve Groundwater Supplies in Rajasthan, India. Water (MDPI). (IF: 1.423)
  • Chinnasamy, P., and M.G. Sunde (2015). Improving spatiotemporal groundwater estimates after natural disasters using remotely sensed data – a case study of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Earth Science Informatics. (IF: 0.743)
  • Chinnasamy, P., Misra, G., Shah. T., Maheshwari, B., and Prathapar, S. (2015) Evaluating the Effectiveness of Water Infrastructure for Increasing Agricultural Production – A Case Study of Gujarat, India. Agricultural Water Management. (IF: 2.28)
  • Chinnasamy, P., L. Bharati, U. Bhattari, et al (2015). Impact of planned water resource development on current and future water demand of the Koshi river basin, Nepal. Water International. (IF: 0.686)
  • Chinnasamy, P., (2015) Potential of the Penning Ionization Gauge (PIG) Ion Source in attaining High Energy Rydberg States. Physical Sciences International Journal.
  • Chinnasamy, P., and J.A. Hubbart, 2014. Measuring and Modeling Shallow Groundwater Flow of a Forested Ozark Border Stream. Journal of Scientific Research & Reports 3(6): 844-865.
  • Chinnasamy, P., and J.A. Hubbart, 2014. Quantifying Nutrient Concentrations of Stream and Shallow Groundwater in an Ozark Border Forest of the Central U.S. Environmental Earth Sciences. (IF: 1.059)
  • Chinnasamy, P., and J.A. Hubbart, 2014, Modeling Surface Water – Shallow Groundwater Interactions in an Ozark Border Forest using MODFLOW, Earth Interactions. (IF: 1.844)
  • Maheshwari, B., M. Varua, J. Ward, P Chinnasamy. et. al (2014) The Role of Transdisciplinary Approach and Community Participation in Village Scale Groundwater Management: Insights from Gujarat and Rajasthan, India. Water 6:3386–3408. (IF: 1.423)
  • Chinnasamy, P., J. A. Hubbart, G. Agoramoorthy, 2013. Using Remote Sensing Data to Improve Groundwater Supply Estimations in Gujarat, India, Earth Interactions (AGU): 17, 1-17. Doi:10.1175/2012EI000456.1. (IF: 1.844)
  • Book Chapters

  • Chinnasamy, P., S.A. Prathapar. 2016. Methods to investigate hydrology of Himalayan springs: A review. IWMI Working Paper.
  • Lele, S., V. Srinivasan, D. Suresh Kumar, P. Chinnasamy and S. Sulagana. 2014. Water management in Noyyal basin: A situation analysis. Environment and Development Discussion Paper No.1. Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment.
  • P.Chinnasamy. 2012. Measuring and modeling water and nutrient flux between a mid-Missouri stream and forested riparian zone in the central US, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, USA.
  • P.Chinnasamy. 2009. Attaining High Energy Rydberg States Using the Penning Ionization Gauge (PIG) Ion Source and the New Laser System, Wesleyan University, CT, USA.
  • Honours and Awards

  • University of Missouri Graduate 2012 Student Award, University of Missouri, USA, 2012
  • Beta Xi chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon International Honor Society, 2012
  • Bharathidasan University Rank Holder for Physics exams. India, 2005
  • Courses Taught

  • TD 602: Water Management
  • TD 603: Soil, Land use and GIS
  • PS 610: Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods