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Empire Nation Part 1: How India’s Internal Division of Labour is Colonial and What We Can Do About It

This essay outlines the difference between political and economic colonialism and suggests that India’s internal economic pattern might be described as colonial.

Covid-19: Has Kerala Turned The Tide – three tell-tale signs

Covid-19 made an early appearance in Kerala. The state government was quick to contain these cases and was acknowledged for its efforts.

Reflections on Surveillance In The Middle Of A Pandemic

We live in an age marked by one overarching phenomenon — surveillance. Operationalised through electronics and analysed through algorithms...

Dignifying the Needs of the Vulnerable: calibrating a public policy response to Covid-19

An epidemic – especially in a densely populated and highly unequal country like India, with state capacities stretched to the limit – presents special challenges to policy scholars.

Editor’s Note: The State of Wildlife and Protected Areas in Maharashtra (1996-2015)

This is the editor’s note, from the book The State of Wildlife and Protected Areas in Maharashtra (1996-2015) edited by Pankaj Sekhsaria

Social Media Needs to be Abolished

Should social media and free, instant messaging apps be banned? History tells us that many “dangerous” things have been regulated...
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