Frequently Asked Questions

Doctoral Programme

Before Admission


How do I begin the application process for PhD in Policy at ADCPS?

It is an online application process. Please visit the IIT Bombay website


How do I know if I am eligible for this course? 

The eligibility criteria are clearly displayed under the Admissions Section on our ADCPS  website


How much do I have to pay for the course? Is there any financial support? 

The fee is as per IIT norms – see this for the fee structure of the latest semester. This also has the various categories that one can be admitted under. Broadly, you are expected to pay the course fee as well as the hostel fee. If you are admitted under the Teaching Assistant (TA) category, you will be paid a stipend. If you are a self-financed student, you will not receive any financial assistance. 


What is the admission procedure?

There is a written test, followed by interviews of shortlisted candidates. Admissions usually open in March/April. The date for the entrance exam is displayed under the Admissions>> Doctoral Programme Eligibility section of our website. For your reference, question papers from earlier tests are available on the same page. 


Can working professionals do this course? 

Doctoral candidates who are working professionals can apply under CT (college teacher) or External category. Please understand that course work is compulsory for the first year. All students are expected to treat the first year of the course work  as full-time engagement. 


Do I need to know what I want to work on before joining? 

Doctoral students are expected to articulate a fairly clear idea of what they want to work on, with fluency gained from a literature review. 


What is the credit structure like? What sort of courses are offered?

The credit structure for this year is available here.


Whom to contact?

Please email and for queries. 


After Admission


How to select a topic? 

The Centre is very open to students picking their own topics. The Centre collates a list of topics that faculty members are interested in supervising, and also encourages students to pitch their own topics to faculty members. Typically, faculty profiles have a section detailing their interests which potential students can use for guidance. 


How to select a supervisor? 

You are required to choose either a core or an associate faculty member as your guide towards the end of the first year. You are encouraged to email faculty members directly to gauge whether they are interested in the research areas or topic that you want to work on. You are also welcome to schedule an appointment with faculty members if you are shortlisted for the entrance interview.