Doctoral Programme


At least one of the following criteria must be met:

  1. BE/BTech or an equivalent degree* with 60% marks/6.0 CPI (55% marks/5.5 CPI for SC/ST).
  2. MSc/MA/MCom/LLM/MCA or an equivalent degree* with 60% marks/6.0 CPI (55% marks/5.5 CPI for SC/ST) at postgraduation level.
  3. MBA/ME/MTech/MPhil/ from any institute recognized by a Government body (AICTE/ UGC/AIU) with 60% marks/6.0 CPI (55% marks/5.5 CPI for SC/ST).

* All equivalent degrees must be certified by their respective institution (s).

Candidates must also fulfill ONE of the following additional requirements for items 1 and 2 above:

(b) Qualified in GATE/UGCNET (Lectureship)/UGCJRF/CSIR-NET (Lectureship)/CSIRJRF/DAE/DST/DBT/ICMR/NBHM/ etc.)
(c) At least two years of work experience (acquired after obtaining the qualifying degree and completed before the starting of the semester in which admission is sought).

Criteria for awarding Teaching Assistant positions are as per IIT Bombay guidelines. [Please visit IIT Bombay PhD TA position guidelines]

Selection Procedure

A written examination (online) will be conducted for all students who meet the above criteria. An interview (online) will be subsequently conducted by CPS faculty members for all qualified candidates in each of the specific research areas as indicated.

Brief NOTE for 2022 PhD admissions process

The entrance exam for the PhD admission process, varies from year to year. The past examinations that have been made available are merely indicative. 

The PhD entrance exam assesses three specific aspects: a) a clear ability for written communication that is coherent, organized, structured and is able to address complex policy issues; b) considerable familiarity and engagement with the broader policy process; & c) an ability to orally and succinctly articulate one’s understanding of a chosen area of policy process.

Written Submission for PhD Application

Each student will need to indicate at least one of the 5 RESEARCH areas mentioned below, in which they wish to carry out doctoral research on policy related aspects. The prospective candidate is required to submit :

a) Sample of recent writing on a relevant policy topic (blog, research paper, thesis excerpt – maximum of 1000 words).
b) A research proposal on a topic of policy relevant research interest. The proposal should contain: (i) problem identification, (ii) brief review of literature (iii) policy relevant issues and questions and (iv) proposed methodology, (v) final outcome, (vi) reference (1800 words maximum excluding reference).

Programme Structure

The programme is structured to keep half of the credit load in the Policy area, and the other half is to be divided between (i) the courses in the sectoral area of interest e.g. water, energy, gender, communication etc. and (ii) Institute electives which would complement the policy courses and the domain courses, taking into account the student’s background. The credit load will be designed to suit this requirement.

Each student will have to indicate the domain area e.g. water, energy, gender, information economy and others, in which s/he wishes to carry out doctoral research on policy related aspects. Ideally the student will have a guide and a co-guide–one having expertise in the policy arena and the other in the concerned domain. Candidates are strongly encouraged to identify relevant faculty members in any research area that they are interested in.  

Research Areas

A candidate must identify either one or two of the following areas of APCPS Policy research and indicate as such in the research proposal (please carefully read for elaboration):

i. Digital Society
ii. Structural Inequalities
iii. Environment, Energy and Natural Resources
iv. Markets and Governance Processes
v. Technology and Society