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Policy Related Supervised Learning

About the Programme

Policy Related Supervised Learning courses are personalised courses that are offered under the Policy umbrella by CPS at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These courses provide students with an opportunity to work on half-semester long policy related LIVE projects. These courses involve working closely with a faculty member. The goal is to interact with the the outside world directly and formulate solutions, which could be in the form of policy recommendations based on an analytical understanding of a research topic. These courses offer an excellent opportunity to students who wish to apply themselves as policy analysts, social scientists or consultants in this exciting area of Policy development. 

Please read the guidelines and broad design carefully before applying. 

Important Links

Application Guidelines  (for faculty and students)

Broad Design (for faculty and students)

Autumn Semester Topics (NEW!)

Registration Form (for students)

Sample Abstract (Objective-Methodology) (for students)

Field Visit Report Template (for students)

Final Report Template (for students)

Grading Guidelines (for faculty)


The programme is open to senior undergraduate students (third year and beyond), and to all masters degree students. 

Application Procedure and Timeline