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Anupam Guha

Assistant Professor, Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), IIT Bombay


Anupam Guha is an AI researcher shifting to AI policy research. He finished his PhD in 2017, from the University of Maryland, in Computer Science. He has worked as an industry AI researcher for two years.

Dr. Guha’s arc of research started as a core AI researcher working in the intersection of language and vision who got interested in not just how humans solve complex problems but also how AI systems work and fail around these problems. This, and insights from his recent work in academia and the (media) industry, especially as to how code precedes policy, and the lens on AI primarily being one of fairness, accountability, transparency (instead of say, labour and capital) led him to develop an interest in AI policy, the interaction of labour with AI, and the political-economy of automation.

For details please visit his personal website.

Research Areas

– Artificial Intelligence and its Political Economy

– AI, Automation, and Labour

– Brittleness in Machine Learning Systems

– Metal/Energy Economy of Automation

Academic Background

– MS, Georgia Tech, Atlanta (2010)

– PhD, Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park (2017)


Please visit his personal website.

Positions Held

Senior Researcher at Comcast Labs, 2017-2019

Honours and Awards

– Best Paper Award, NAACL 2016

– Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2016

– Dean’s Fellowship, UMD, 2011 and 2012