Sarmistha Pattanaik

Associate Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), IIT Bombay

Research Areas

Environment, Energy and Natural Resources

Sub areas:

  • Environmental Studies/Environmental Sociology
  • Risk, Vulnerability and Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Governance, Coastal Commons, Wetlands and fisheries
  • Gender and Environment
  • Political Ecology / Feminist Political Ecology
  • Academic Background

    Ph.D. (Sociology), Centre for the Study of Social Systems, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi- 2006

    M.Phil. (Sociology), Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi- 2001

    M.A. (Sociology), Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi- 1999


    Books & Monographs

    Pattanaik, Sarmistha. The Troubled Shore: Conflict and Resistance Movement in the Wetlands of Odisha, India. Winshied Press, Delhi, India (2016).

    (Manuscript under signed contract with Routledge, U.K)
    Pattanaik, Sarmistha and Amrita Sen. Contested landscapes and regional political ecologies of environmental conflicts in India. (ed.).

    Journals and Book Chapters

    Huque Sana, Pattanaik, S. and Parthasarathy, D. “Cityscape Transformation and the Temporal Metamorphosis of East Kolkata Wetlands: A Political Ecology Perspective”, Sociological Bulletin, Vo. 69 (1) pp1-18, April, 2020)

    Madhanagopal Devendraraj and Pattanaik, S. “Exploring fishermen’s local knowledge and perceptions in the face of climate change: the case of coastal Tamil Nadu, India”, J.of Environment , Development and Sustainability, Vol. 22. Pages 3461–3489(2020) (Springer Nature), ( April, 2019)

    Sen Amrita, and Pattanaik, S. ‘A Paradox of the “Community”: Contemporary Processes of Participatory Forest Conservation in the Sundarban Biosphere Reserve (SBR) Region of West Bengal’. J. of Environmental Sociology, Vol 19 (1), Pp- 33-46 (Taylor and Francis), (2019)

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    Courses Taught


    Introduction to Sociology (HS-307)

    Environmental Studies (HS-200)

    Social Movements and Social Change: Contemporary Reflections (HS 412)


    Development, Planning and Policies in India: Issues and Alternatives (HS 601)

    Science and Technology in India’s Development (HS 602)

    Ecology and Society (HS 629)

    Socio-psychological approaches to Development and Change (HS 603)

    Research Methodology (HS 605)

    Advanced theory of society (HS 804)