Health Policy


Dignifying the Needs of the Vulnerable: calibrating a public policy response to Covid-19

An epidemic – especially in a densely populated and highly unequal country like India, with state capacities stretched to the limit – presents special challenges to policy scholars.
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Confronting disparities in the time of COVID-19

India is in the second stage of transmission of the COVID-19 epidemic, although some commentators predict a ‘tsunami of cases’...
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COVID-19: Responding to the Risk 

On 11th March, 2020, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) characterized the spread of COVID-19 as a pandemic (WHO, 2020).
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Research in Indian Medical Colleges: Looking Beyond Funding

India ranks 135th in the world in under-five mortality rate (United Nations Human Development Programme, 2013), 128th in maternal mortality ratio (The World Bank, 2019), and 123rd in physician density...
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Ayushman Bharat: accessible healthcare or cause for concern for the welfare state?

The world’s largest publicly funded health insurance scheme, the National Health Protection Scheme, better known as Ayushman Bharat (referred to as AB–NHPS), was launched...
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