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Wildlife and Conservation in the times of Covid-19

This is the editorial from the Vol. XXVI, No. 3, June 2020 (No. 145) Issue of the Protected Areas Update, a newsletter produced by Kalpavriksh and Centre for Policy Studies.

The Pragmatics Of Online Teaching

I have been tempted to write this blog because of several messages that I have received in response to an op-ed piece that I published on NDTV...

Surviving A ‘Shadow’ Pandemic: Domestic Abuse In The Time Of Covid-19

How many of us can even imagine living 24x7 under the same roof as one’s abuser, with the constant fear of what he (in rare cases she) might do next to hurt you? 

Covid-19 in the Southern States: A Cautious Sigh of Relief

21 April was an important day for Kerala. Until then, Kerala was going neck to neck with Maharashtra, with the highest number of Covid-19 cases in India.

Empire Nation Part 3: From Barriers To Compartmentalisation

Local networks of cities could be catalysed in the conditions prevailing under the Covid-19 crisis. Might there be a way to make a virtue of the crisis-driven necessity of breaking up economic space?

Empire Nation Part 2: Backward Cities Need Each Other

An account of the ideas of Jane Jacobs, who re-redefined economic development as the process whereby local networks of cities undertake import-replacing work
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